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Annually, El Centro celebrates National Latinx Heritage Month, and the Office of Inclusive Excellence is excited to host the Latinx Meet and Greet (Click here to register)

September 29th from 4 – 6pm

Please join us as we [re]connect and celebrate!  We ask that you share this opportunity with faculty/staff throughout your areas! 

latinx meet and greet
National Latinx
National Latinx Month
Latinx/e borderlands speaker


we believe that action has to be taken to foster justice on campus


we believe that our community brings people together with compassion, empathy, respect, and helpfulness


we believe that our community is here to promote the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues



we are a community of leaders that are recognized by their commitment to meaningful engagement


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All CSU employees—whether state classified, administrative professional, faculty, or faculty affiliate—who’ve self-identified as a person of color or with a community of color are added to the MSFN listserv at the start of their employment. If you or someone you know are unsure if you’ve been added, please contact the MSFN Chair to request being added. This confidential listserv is maintained by the Office of Inclusive Excellence; its membership is not shared or distributed.